How to Create A Group Session Listing for Your Online Store in the Products Tab

Yondo allows you to create and sell live online Group Session listings that will allow you to connect with up to 8 customers via video chat. There are two ways you can create a Group Session, in the 'Products' tab or in the 'Group Sessions' tab.  In this article, we will discuss how to create your Yondo Group Session Listing in the 'Products' tab. 



When creating your session you will need to first go to your ‘Products’ tab in the navigation bar on the left side of your dashboard.


Here you will see the option for Live Sessions.Screen_Shot_2020-07-29_at_11.27.06_am.png

On the Live Sessions Product page, click on the blue ‘Add Product’ button, in the top right corner. 

The ‘Create Product’ window will open where you will be able to edit your Group Sessions: 

  • Title
  • Status
  • Short Description
  • Session Components
  • Images
  • Pricing
  • SKU
  • Link
  • Description
  • Category
  • Tags


Next give your Group Session a Title, which will be the name of your listing as it will appear on your Online Store.

The Status section of your Group Session determines the availability of the offering in your store. This can be set to Draft, Pending, Private, Published. 

  • Drafts will save the Group Session but will not publish it to your store. 
  • Pending status should be used as an indication that the Group Session is ready for an Admin's approval.
  • Private means that the Group Session is live and has its own landing page, however, it will not appear on your Online Store. You will need to share the link for the session that you will set in the next step. 
  • Published means that the Group Session is live on your online store and ready to purchase.


Next give your session a Short Description, which is a blurb to appear on the listing card of your Group Session Listing. 

In the Components section, you will be able to create and add the group sessions that you would like to include in your listing. 

To add your sessions this click on the box that says ‘Group Sessions: Add to product’ This will open up the ‘Add Group Session’ window. This is where you will add the information for each individual session that you would like to create. 


Give your session a Title

Choose the Date and time you would like your session to begin in the Start Date and Start Time fields. 

Select how long you would like to hold your session in the Duration field. This is not a limit but rather a guideline to let your customers know how long the session will last.

Add the number of Seats you would like to make available. You can have up to 8 customers join your session 

Choose who on your team will be running the session in the Host field.

Once you have added all of the pertinent information to your Group Session click on the Save button to save your session.


You will now see a session appear in the section above the ‘Add Group Session’ button. You are able to package multiple classes together by repeating the steps above to add more group sessions to your product listing. 

The Link section is where you are able to change the link that your session will appear on. Add a slug to customize your Group Session landing page link. 

Enter the price you would like to offer your session listing for in the Price field. 

In the SKU field, you can enter the Stock Keeping Unit that you may use for the session. You can also leave this field blank. 

The Description box is where you can add additional details about your sessions such as what will be covered in the session or other background information. 

Next, go to the Images section where you will be able to add the images that you would like to appear on the listing card and landing pages of your Group Session.  Drag and drop your images into the box to upload them to the Group Session. You can also browse your computer for the images you would like to add by clicking the Upload Files button. 


In the Organization tab, you will see that there is a field telling you what Category type, which should be ‘Live Session’, and a section to add tags. Tags are keywords that you can add to your Group Session to help make it easier to find when your customers are searching for it. 


Once you have filled out all of the details for your Group Sessions, click the 'Save Changes' to complete setting up your Group Sessions Listing. 

Any of the Group Sessions that you have created for your listing will be added to the Group Session tab of your dashboard. 


For information on how to hold your Group Classes, please visit our article on How to Organize and Run your Yondo Group Sessions

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