How to Create A Group Session Listing for Your Online Store in the Group Sessions Tab

Yondo allows you to create and sell live online Group Session listings that will allow you to connect with up to 8 customers via video chat. There are two ways you can create a Group Session, in the 'Products' tab or in the 'Group Sessions' tab.  In this article, we will discuss how to create your Yondo Group Session Listing in the 'Group Sessions' tab. 

If you would like to know how to include a Group session listing into a specific Product Category or how to package multiple sessions into the same listing, please see our article on How to Create A Group Session Listing for Your Online Store in the Products Tab.


When creating your session you will need to first go to your ‘Group Sessions’ tab in the navigation bar on the left side of your dashboard.




Next, click on the blue 'Add Session' button at the top of your dashboard to bring up the Add Group Session window.


Give your session a Title

Choose the Date and time you would like your session to begin in the Start Date and Start Time fields. 

Select how long you would like to hold your session in the Duration field. This is not a limit but rather a guideline to let your customers know how long the session will last.


Choose who on your team will be running the session in the Host field.



Next, to add the sessions to a product, click on the 'Store Listing' tab at the top of the edit session window.


In this tab, you will be able to create a Store Listing landing page that will allow you to sell your session on your online store. 


At the top, you will see the Create a Product Listing toggle which will determine whether or not a product listing is added to your online store. By leaving the toggle switch on Yes, the Group Session Product Listing will be created in your Live Sessions Product Category.


If you click the toggle to No, the session will only be available to people you manually add in the Participants tab and there will be no Group Session landing page created. For more information on manually adding participants, please see our article on How To Manually Add and Remove Participants in Your Group Session.


Select the number of participants you would like to be able to join the session in the Number of Seats field. The Maximum number of participants (not including the host) that are able to join a single session is 8.


In the Price field, enter the price you would like each seat in your Group Session to be sold for. 


The Status section of your Group Session determines the availability of the offering in your store. This can be set to Draft, Pending, Private, Published. 

  • Drafts will save the Group Session but will not publish it to your store. 
  • Private means that the Group Session is live and has its own landing page, however, it will not appear on your Online Store. You will need to share the link for the session that you will set in the next step. 
  • Published means that the Group Session is live on your online store and ready to purchase.


Next, go to the Images section where you will be able to add the images that you would like to appear on the listing card and landing pages of your Group Session.  Drag and drop your images into the field to upload them to the Group Session. You can also browse your computer for the images you would like to add by clicking the Upload Files link. 


Lastly, give your session a Description, which is a text field to appear on the listing card of your Group Session Listing. 


Once you have added all of the pertinent information to your Group Session click on the Save Changes button to save your session.


Your Group Session Listing should now appear in your Live Sessions Product Category in your Yondo Dashboard and on your online store according to the status that you have chosen.


For information on how to hold your Group Classes, please visit our article on How to Organize and Run your Yondo Group Sessions


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