Why do I need to add Pre-Paid Credit

The Yondo Group Sessions functionality allows you and your customers to connect live online, sharing your Video, Audio, and Screen streams together in the same session.


Each Yondo Group Session is streamed via encrypted video through our servers making them completely secure and medically compliant (HIPAA). With additional streams being added to a single session through our Groups functionality, there are additional costs associated with running multiple streams at the same time.


A Pre-Paid Credit System has been implemented for this function, which allows the account holders to purchase credit that will be used on their Yondo Group Sessions. This is in order to keep the overall plan costs of the Yondo Platform at a reasonable rate.


On each of Yondo's Standard Plans (Starter, Professional, Premium) there is a certain allotment of minutes for your Group Sessions and an overage per minute that applies to each plan. For information on our Standard Plans, please visit our Pricing Page at After you have used your allotment of minutes the credit will begin to apply to your Group Sessions. 


Furthermore, the Pre-Paid Credit System has been put in place is to ensure that you, as the account holder, know of the additional costs involved in running your sessions.  With that knowledge, you will also able to give your customers the ideal price for your group sessions to ensure that you are able to keep a reasonable margin for your services.    


To more about how our Pre-Paid Credit System works, please review our article on How my Pre-Paid Credit works.

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