How to remove your Yondo Account Sync with your Google Calendar

In this article, we will discuss how to remove your current Google Calendar from your Yondo Account so that you can sync a new Google Calendar to your Yondo Availability Calendar. 


To remove your Google Calendar account from Yondo, you will first need to go to the "Manage your Google Account page ( to access your Google Account settings. 


In the Navigation bar on the left, click on 'Security'. 


In your Security Settings, you will need to scroll down to find the "Third-Party apps with Account Access" section. This will be next to your "Your devices" section.


Click on the 'Manage third party access' link to access a list of all the third-party apps that you have synced with your Google account. 

Find Yondo in the list, which should also have "access to Google Calendar".

Click on Yondo and then click on the blue "Remove Access" Button to end the sync between your Google Account and your Yondo Account. 




You will be prompted to confirm that you would like to remove access. Click 'OK' to confirm the settings change. 


You should now be able to return to your Yondo Dashboard and see that your Google Calendar is no longer synced with your Yondo account. 


For instructions on how to sync a new Google Calendar Account to your Yondo Account, please see our article on How to sync your Yondo Calendar to your Google Calendar





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