How to use the Pre-Paid Credit Calculator

In this article, we will go over how you are able to use the Pre-Paid Credit Calculator so that you will know how much Pre-Paid Credit you will need to load into your platform to hold your desired amount of Group Sessions.


The Pre-Paid Credit has been implemented in order to keep the overall plan costs of the Yondo Platform at a reasonable rate. For more information on why we have added this credit system, please visit our article on Why do I need to add Pre-Paid Credit.




First, go to your Pre-Paid Credit dashboard under the Account settings tab.


In your Pre-paid Credit dashboard, you will see the orange Calculator button at the top of the page. Click this button to open up your Pre-Paid Credit window.


In the Pre-Paid Credit Calculator window, you will need to enter:

  • Number of Sessions - The number of sessions you would like to hold
  • Seats - The number of customer seats that you will make available in each session
  • Duration - The amount of time that you would like to hold your sessions. 


The Calculator will take into account all of the information you have entered, as well as the plan you are currently to give you the Calculated Cost so you will know how much Pre-Paid Credit you would need to hold your sessions. 


Clicking the +Add Funds button in the Calculator Window will then bring up the Recharge Window, which you will be able to use to purchase the Calculated Cost amount of Credit to hold your online Group Sessions.


For more information on how the Group Session Minutes are calculated, please visit our article on How are my Group Session Minutes Calculated.






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