The Yondo Referal Program

The Yondo Referral Program is a great way to earn up to $300* of Referral Rewards Credit for every new unique paid signup you refer. Your friends will also receive up to $300* discounted on their first payment with your referral.

Your Referred Users must be signing up for a new account and must signup to a paid plan within 90 days of referral. This Credit cannot be combine with other discounts or promotions. You as the referrer must also already have an active, paid Yondo account. It is important to note, if a Referred Users is refunded for any reason, the credit will be removed from your account. Your referrals are finalized 14 days after a new account has been upgraded. Your credit will then be applied to your next Yondo invoice or subscription renewal.

In this article, we will discuss:


Finding Your Link

To find your referral code, go to the "Refer Friends" Section of your dashboard in the navigation bar on the left.


There you will see the terms and conditions for the referral program along with a blue "Share your link" box which holds your store referral link.



Copy the URL in the box and send it to any and all of your friends that would benefit from selling online Videos On-Demand, Webinars, Group Classes, and Live 1-to-1s.


How Your Referrals will use the Link

When a user you have referred clicks on the link, they will be taken to signup page where they will be able register their account with Yondo. When your Referred User upgrades their account, they will be taken to the upgrade page where they can choose the Yondo Plan that they would like to sign up for.  The Referred User will then enter their payment information on the Billing Page. They should see the discount automatically applied to their account based on the plan they are upgrading too.



How Will I Know If the Reward Credit Has Been Applied

In your Refer Friends tab in your dashboard, there is a section under your "Share your link" box, which will show you all of the Referral Reward Credits you have earned and along with each Credit's Status.


There are 3 Status Types that your credits will appear under after a Referred User Signs up for a paid account.



Pending: Your Referred User has paid for their account but they have not had the account longer than 14 days waiting period to confirm your Referral Reward Credit.



Completed: The Referred User has past the 14 day waiting period and the credit has been applied to your account.



Canceled: The Referred User has canceled within the 14 day waiting period and your Referral Reward Credit has not been successful.


You will also see your Referred User if they have signed up for their account using your referral link, though they will not have a status associated with their listing until they have upgraded to a paid Yondo account.


Credit Rewards*

There are 3 levels of rewards that can be earned. These rewards are based on the Yondo Plan level that the newly referred user signs up for. Please review the figures below to see the reward levels.


Plan Referral Rewards

Starter Plan

Professional Plan


Premium Plan $300






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