Setting Up Your Yondo Video Subscriptions

Setting Up Your Yondo Video Subscriptions

Yondo allows you to create your own Online Video Subscriptions to sell your videos at various prices and billing periods. All of the subscription options you create will allow customers to access the content that you have turned on your Subscription Payment Option for. For more information on the ways you can set your video pricing settings, please see our article on How Can I Sell My Videos On Demand?


In this article, we will be showing you how to create a Subscription for your videos in your Yondo dashboard.

Creating Your Video Subscription

First, you will want to go to the Subscriptions tab of your Video Library dashboard.


Here you will be able to create subscriptions based on a recurring billing period of your choice. A Monthly Subscription will already exist in your Subscription Settings and is set as a default if you have your subscription option turned on.


If you would like to edit this Monthly Subscription option you can do so by clicking on the listing and editing its description, its pricing, and whether you would like to have the monthly subscription enabled.

To create a new Subscription for your online videos, click on the blue "Add Subscriptions" button at the top of the page.

The Edit Subscriptions window will appear where you will be able to create the new Subscription offer you would like to offer your customers.

On the Overview tab of the Edit Subscription window, you will be able to give your Subscription a Description and set the Enabled Toggle.

  • The Description will appear on the Checkout Cart and Checkout Page to reassure your customers they are purchasing the correct subscription.
  • The Enable Toggle allows you to turn your subscription off or on depending on whether you would like it to be available to your clients to purchase.




The Duration tab is where you will be able to set the billing period for your customers. This is the time in between each recurring payment that you will charge your customers for access to your Video Subscription. You will need to select a Unit and the Length for your duration.

In the Unit section, you will be able to select whether you want to define your Subscription Duration by days, weeks, months, or years.



In the Pricing tab, you will select the



Once you have set your Subscription Settings to your liking, click on "Save Changes" to ensure your Subscription is saved.


You are able to edit your subscription Price and Description at any time by clicking on the subscription listing, changing the field of your choice, and clicking on "Save Changes. The Subscription Duration cannot be changed once the Subscription option has been created.


Subscription Trial

You also have the option to create a Trial of your Subscription which will allow your customer to

To set up your Video Subscription Trial in your Video Library Settings, click the toggle under Subscription Trial toggle to Enabled.

The system will then request that you add the number of days you would like to make your videos available for in the trial. Enter this information in the Trial Period field.






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